Eastside Trail is in great shape, Bogus Basin trails not ready

I rode at the Eagle Bike Park last night and the Foothills trails are in good shape, but it's starting to feel like summer already. Temperatures are steadily creeping up and the trails are getting a little bit sandy. If you're wondering what riding is like around Bogus Basin, so was I. I sent David Gordon of Ridge to Rivers an email for a mountain update. Here's what he had to say on Friday, May 23:

"The trails below (Bogus Basin) road are in great shape. There are a few trees down that we will get to next week, but they are easily passed under for the time being.

"The trails around the ski area (Around the Mountain included) are still at least a week out – there is far more water up there than below the road, and the skier compaction means that the snow lasts much longer on the hill – meaning that there are still snow sections and plenty of wet trail." 

Gordon said give the trails on Bogus' slopes time to dry out and get into shape. Riding early will cause rutting and other problems, which would be a shame on a new trail. 

You can get updates on trail conditions here or check the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page

If you're heading north this weekend, the mountain bike trails at Jug Mountain Ranch are open and ready. And if you're worried that you're not in good enough shape to climb in the mountains, don't worry. JMR is offering shuttles this weekend for $15. For details go to https://www.facebook.com/jugmountainranch.