Ooh, ick, it's a tick

I've long said I would rather deal with rattlesnakes than ticks. Rattlesnakes buzz and try stay away from you. Ticks lurk and leap like tiny vampires, only without the charisma. 

I bring this up because I've long heard horror stories about dogs getting ambushed by ticks. Dusty picks up an occasional tick, and it gives us all the willies, but we pick it off and kill it and get on with life. 

But this weekend she hit the tick motherlode, so it's been an all out war. The good news is I think I got over my squeamishness about ticks. The bad? Ticks are still gross and creepy, and I itch just typing about them. Maybe I haven't gotten over my squeamishness after all. I'm still itching just thinking about it.