Read a poem about the Sawtooths by Statesman reporter Jeanne Huff

Olly-olly-in-free, Out of breath, breath You can see — whee! It’s never time here in never land. Fish, hunt, climb, Ski, skate, slide, slip into wonderland. This is Idaho’s playground, With star-studded skies — and slopes. Laughter trills in the air, vies with song, Echoes on the wind, floating, balloons of pure fun. Here, snow melts on your tongue, sweet, like a Popsicle, explodes in your heart like a symphony, Glitters happy like dizzy diamond dust, Swirls around — and through — your soul like frigid bursts of cloud-love. Olly-olly-in-free! Flowers bloom magic here like Enchanted fairy carpet, heady perfume, Like soft, sweet summer kisses. Where nobody — ever — grows up.

— Jeanne Huff