Asana’s new gym adds Ninja Warrior, aerial acrobatics — plus more room to boulder

A look inside Asana Climbing Gym on a competition day

Asana Climbing Gym opened a new, much larger facility in January 2017 in Garden City. Here's a peek inside. (Video courtesy of Asana)
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Asana Climbing Gym opened a new, much larger facility in January 2017 in Garden City. Here's a peek inside. (Video courtesy of Asana)

Don’t let the name fool you: Asana Climbing Gym offers more than just bouldering.

Thanks to Asana’s impressive new 20,000-square-foot facility, it’s able to offer a wide range of activities. From a mock American Ninja Warrior course to acro-yoga classes to a weights-and-cardio room, there’s something for all ages and skill levels.

Asana’s new facility, which opened in January near the intersection of Glenwood and Chinden, boasts 14,500 square feet of additional space to accommodate all of its new activities. Co-owner Rory O’Leary, who joined Asana nearly three years ago, said the large increase in space was in direct response to the needs of the community.

“We wanted to grow, and we thought Boise was getting into a position where it could support a much larger facility,” O’Leary said. “We offer a lot more activities at our new facility. If you combine everything we offer together, we serve a very broad audience in terms of age.”

The newest additions to Asana are its Ninja Warrior course, aerial silks and a multi-purpose room that’s used for yoga, acro-yoga and Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) classes. Asana also boasts a massage room, a pro shop that sells climbing gear and an expanded weights-and-cardio area.

The expansion also greatly increased Asana’s bouldering area, which remains the staple of the gym that started out as a custom climbing padding manufacturer. Bouldering involves climbing large boulders or small rock formations without ropes or harnesses. There is a padded floor below in the gym.

Matt Schadt, an avid boulderer originally from Vermont, purchased a membership for Asana the first day he arrived in Boise to continue his passion.

“The setting is great, the grades are accurate and there’s a lot of space,” said Schadt, who trains at Asana up to four times a week. “They keep (the climbing wall) new and fresh pretty often by swapping over its routes, so even though I come here often, I don’t get bored bouldering… I appreciate that.”

The community support has been strong since the facility opened in January, O’Leary said.

“We saw over 600 people come through the gym for our grand opening,” he said. “People were waiting outside and excited. Since our grand opening, we’ve been busy and struggling to keep up.”

While Asana’s bouldering community is well-established, O’Leary has seen an increase in popularity in the gym’s newest additions.

“The Ninja Warrior is pretty popular, especially amongst the teens and younger kids, because they see the show and they aspire to be as awesome as those athletes,” O’Leary said. “I’m also seeing a lot of response to our aerial activities. There’s a pretty solid community for that.”

Besides expanding its class selection, Asana now hosts several groups and events.

“At our old gym, we just had a small roped area where we mostly did birthday parties,” O’Leary said. “Now we do a lot of groups. We have groups from all different types of foundations. For each group we do customized activities.”

One of those foundations is Phoenix Multi-Sport, which is dedicated to helping individuals overcome their addictions by engaging in healthy activities.

Asana also provides a multitude of group youth programs. These programs aim to develop interpersonal skills, confidence and self-esteem while engaging in healthy activities. The After School Program (ASP) and holiday break camps are open to kids ages 6-17.

While Asana has added to its versatility, O’Leary said it’s still looking to add more to its repertoire.

“We’re always looking for new activities to add, especially in our course curriculum,” he said.

O’Leary is currently collaborating with two personal trainers to develop a personal training program, which he hopes will be available by the end of the year. He is also in the works of introducing a new Asana Ninja Training program and Aerial Hoop and Tai Chi classes. Asana also will introduce two new courses for bouldering, Leading 101 (technical training on how to establish the rope) and Slacklining.

Asana offers day passes and 10-punch passes alongside the traditional monthly memberships.

“I think a lot of people are actually surprised when they come here, and they find out that it isn’t intimidating,” O’Leary said. “It creates a really cool environment when everyone’s supporting each other. We encourage a positive atmosphere at Asana.”

Learn more about Asana

For more information about Asana’s programs and its new location, visit: http://www.asanaclimbinggym.com/. The gym is located at 4977 N. Glenwood St. in Garden City.