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Guest Opinion: Peterson ‘Podium’ piece draws a critic

A few weeks ago (April 2) Martin Peterson had a piece under the label “Podium.” It should have appeared the day before. It would have been more appropriate.

This sarcastic bit, except for the reference to the two transplanted California state senators and the Mormon voting ban, was the typical stuff you can expect from a card-carrying liberal progressive Democrat trying to be clever with his smear brush. It needs some teacher “red lining.”

Taken one by one: First, if he is watching Kerry and the Obama administration putting Iran into position for an automatic nuke in 10 years and appearing ready to remove the sanctions that brought this “Death to America” nut case to the table in the first place, he should be yelling “Thank You” that there will be some tough authoritative oversight of the final agreement.

If Iran gets the bomb and vaporizes Israel as it has promised, the Middle East sparks World War III, which, with nuclear warheads, is unthinkable.

Then there’s the reference to Steve Symms’ Libya trip, which is characterized as foolish and his idea. Go back and take a look. This was a venture sponsored by the dean of agriculture at the University of Idaho and born at the United Nations for showing Third World countries good irrigation and crop-growing practices. Steve agreed to lend his status and join the team. Check a little further and find some modest but positive results reported by the State Department.

Then we have the belittling of George Hansen for his “solo” trip attempting to get our hostages home during the Jimmy Carter regime’s inept and ineffective efforts. I wonder if he recalls what happened within a few weeks after Ronald Reagan was elected.

Finally, we have the Hindu prayer teapot tempest. As pointed out previously in simple language, an invocation is to invoke guidance and blessing from God for pending proceedings. Christians have only one by their tenets. Only in his windup on the Mormon voting ban does he have a valid judgment. Were I the Statesman, this fellow’s term on the Editorial Board is not something I would brag about.