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Russ Fulcher: I'm uniquely qualified to help Idaho as its new 1st District congressman

Russ Fulcher at a 1st Congressional District candidate forum in Caldwell in January.
Russ Fulcher at a 1st Congressional District candidate forum in Caldwell in January.

I’m running for United States Congress because I believe our government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. Right now our federal government is broke, and broken.

Since becoming a state in 1890, Idaho has gradually become more subject to federal regulations and control. Today, more than one-third of Idaho’s state budget depends on federal sources, and two-thirds of Idaho’s land mass is federally operated. With the national debt exceeding $21 trillion, Congress needs leadership that can recognize problems and provide real solutions.

But there is hope on the horizon. We now have a president who understands economic development and doesn’t care about business as usual. Plus, Congress is about to have its largest influx of new members in 50 years. There’s a new attitude in Washington, and my background makes me uniquely qualified to represent Idaho during this incredible time in history.

Experience matters and actions speak louder than words. I have deep family roots in Idaho. The first 20 years of my life was spent on a Meridian dairy farm, and the next 20-plus years were spent traveling the globe on behalf of Idaho tech companies. I have earned multiple upper-education degrees from Idaho institutions, and God has blessed me with an incredible family.

Doing business with governments and corporations on-site in 47 different countries and 50 states gave me a perspective of what works and what doesn’t. It has also given me a deep appreciation for America, and especially my home state of Idaho.

In 2005 I became a member of the Idaho State Senate. To accommodate the schedule of a legislator, I entered the real estate business and currently operate as a real estate broker. In the State Senate, I was honored to sponsor fiscally conservative and family-friendly legislation such as the grocery tax credit, and pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment bills. During six of the 10 years that I served, my colleagues from around the state chose me to be one of their leaders.

I am honored to have received the endorsements of many fine people and organizations, including: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz; Congressmen Raul Labrador, Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows; more than 30 sitting Idaho legislators; prominent local business leaders Larry Williams, Frank VanderSloot, Ward Parkinson, Don Brandt and Greg Lowe; pro-family groups Family Research Council, Family Policy Alliance and Council for Working Families; national conservative champions FreedomWorks, Club for Growth and Citizens United; President Trump’s deputy campaign manager David Bossie (president of CU); pro-life advocate Idaho Chooses Life; 2nd Amendment proponents Gun Owners of America, and Dick Heller (Heller v DC). The list goes on.

My fellow Idahoans, this is my resume; I ask you to hire me to serve you in Congress. I ask for your vote on May 15.

Russ Fulcher is a candidate in the May 15 Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District.