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Bob Nonini: Idaho needs to elect a true conservative for its next lieutenant governor

Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, on the last day of the 2018 Idaho Legislature.
Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, on the last day of the 2018 Idaho Legislature.

The Idaho Statesman recently gave an endorsement in the Idaho lieutenant governor’s race to state Rep. Kelley Packer, citing her leadership abilities and harmony with Idaho Republicans. Idaho was founded upon and has thrived on traditional, conservative principles. However, Kelley Packer fails to measure up as a conservative candidate. The conservative vote for preserving Idaho’s traditional Republican values is best-suited for me, Bob Nonini.

I'm the true conservative candidate in the lieutenant governor’s race because my consistent, conservative voting record is unmatched. This is why Idaho Chooses Life has given me seven endorsements, and why I am the pro-life candidate running for lieutenant governor. By checking the facts and prior voting records, you will understand that there is only one candidate with the proven, effective and conservative leadership experience running for lieutenant governor.

I have successfully sponsored more legislation than any other candidate running for lieutenant governor. During my time in the Statehouse, I diligently focused on Idaho’s education because it is the most important thing we do in the Legislature. The students are our future. My initiatives brought the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Action Center to Idaho, and I sponsored legislation creating a STEM Diploma, the first of its kind in Idaho. Additionally, I created the STEM Caucus in the Legislature to ensure state leaders remain focused on providing students the skills needed to succeed. This is conservative leadership in Idaho; proven and effective.

Kelley Packer and Marv Hagedorn, two other lieutenant governor candidates not endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life, do not share my conservative track record. In fact, they voted “yes” to Senate Bill 1384 for the expansion of Medicaid in Idaho and promoting big-government initiatives. This is not the conservative leadership Idaho needs to remain successful.

As an Idaho native, I understand the needs of Idahoans. This includes our natural resource-based industries and how to drive economic development in the state. Several Idaho companies have endorsed my campaign and legislative experience, including: Bennett Lumber Products, Stimson Lumber, PotlatchDeltic, Clearwater Paper and Hecla Mining.

Experience matters. Experience counts. On May 15, the choice is clear: Idaho needs Nonini as our next lieutenant governor.

Bob Nonini is a state senator from Coeur d'Alene running for the Republican nomination for Idaho lieutenant governor.