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Cummings letter: Elect Ted Hill

Ted Hill is a true American hero. A retired naval officer that attained the rank of Captain, Ted is exactly the kind of elected representative that is needed for District 14. As a former fighter pilot, he has the mission focus that is critically needed in our Legislature. His proven leadership skills and love for Idaho are apparent to anyone that spends more than a few minutes with him, and his selfless actions working to make Idaho roads safer and improving our quality of life deserve to be recognized by the voters in the Republican primary. No professional politician, Ted is not beholden to anyone, and I know for a fact that his economic discipline and conservative values will be of great service to the people of Idaho as we face challenges solving budget shortfalls in the years ahead. Education, transportation, and public safety. These are three areas that will always need to be addressed by the state Legislature, and I’m confident that Ted will bring fresh ideas and strong leadership to solve tomorrow’s problems today. Let’s put Ted Hill in the Idaho Senate and watch him bring servant leadership back to government.

Josh Cummings, Meridian