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When you support Bogus Basin, you get to ski now and invest in the community’s future

A snowboarder at a ski-racing competition at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area in January 2017.
A snowboarder at a ski-racing competition at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area in January 2017.

With a winter such as the one we are experiencing, it can be hard to convince yourself that having a season pass at Bogus Basin makes sense if you have not taken advantage of what we do have. Annual snowfall levels have varied throughout Bogus Basin’s 75 year history. Soon, Bogus Basin will have more control over this, as great progress has been made toward expanded snowmaking.

There are two reasons to buy a season pass to Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation area:

1. For your enjoyment of the mountain.

2. To ensure that the mountain is here for the community for generations to come.

One of the great things about Bogus Basin is that it covers a lot of terrain. That means that there is almost always some great skiing and riding up there — sometimes you just have to look around a bit. Even during one of the lightest snow years in its 75-year-plus history, a lot of great turns have been made up there.

How do you put a value on being 16 miles from the largest nonprofit recreation area in America? Bogus Basin has long been a selling point when recruiting business, and employees for those businesses, to the area. As the summer recreation opportunities and amenities are increased under the 10-year master plan, the attraction will only grow.

Also, on the community side are little-known, but widely participated in, educational programs for kids. Winter and summer, kids are learning on the snow, in the snow and when the snow is gone. Last year, more than 19,300 kids participated in these programs. That number will only grow as Bogus Basin continues to develop into a year-round recreation and education resource for the Treasure Valley.

So, back to that pass sale. The President’s Day sale, and its accompanying low pricing, is upon us. This week-long sale continues to be vital to Bogus Basin’s annual revenue. While many of us have taken advantage of what snow we have, many have not done so yet. No matter what your use has been, we ask that you think not just about your runs this season, but about the community good your pass purchase contributes to.

Kevin Settles, president of the Bogus Basin Recreational Association board of directors, wrote this on behalf of the board.