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A different idea for Trump ‘wall’ on the border

Dave Silva
Dave Silva

Over the past year Donald Trump has said, “We will build a wall on the Mexican border and the Mexicans will pay for it.”

Now the talk is maybe some parts will be walled and some will be fenced. Either a wall or a fence of some kind will be reviewed and acted upon.

We need something to stop the illegal border crossing and certainly drugs we definitely don’t want.

Estimates of the wall are approximately $2 billion, and by the time the government gets done it could escalate to $5 billion. Getting Mexico to pay for it presents a big challenge to the Mexican government.

The area of concern on the Mexican border is approximately 1,300 miles from the Pacific Ocean, where Texas meets Mexico. There are many border crossings that allow traffic coming and going that are heavily manned by the U.S. and Mexico. In between those border crossings lies the problem. We can put up high, expensive walls and fences, and we have seen acrobatic people scale those obstructions like trapeze artists. No doubt it will slow down some traffic, but we have seen how such walls can be scaled or dug under. Not a perfect system.

A better idea might be for the government to consider selling various Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy bases in the region and move all the bases along the border.

Camp Pendleton, a Marine base in Southern California, has 17 miles of oceanfront property and 125,000 acres from the Pacific Ocean east to Escondido, Calif. Having lived in the area, it has the best climate in the United States. Rough estimates of selling this choice area run close to a trillion dollars. Air Force bases in Las Vegas, and Army bases in Arkansas and Texas can add to the cost of moving those bases to the border. Under eminent domain laws the government could buy up the border land and relocate the service bases along the porous U.S.-Mexican border.

Anyone trying to enter illegally would be escorted back to where they came from. They would have to traverse many miles through the bases to get someplace in the U.S. The service men and women could be used during their training to deal with the occasional trespasser.

Most of our ancestors had oceans to cross and Ellis Island to cope with before they were admitted to seek citizenship in the United States.

It won’t be easy to do, but when it is done we will save on the wall, save face with Mexico, reduce the Border Patrol and curtail the drug flow destroying our youth.

God bless America.

Dave Silva is a former high school health and biology teacher, and is now the owner of Automated Office Systems.