Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Yantis killing

I am outraged by the determination of our attorney general, Lawrence Wasden, to drop any consideration of charges to be filed in the killing of rancher Jack Yantis. It is pretty clear that both officers used extremely bad judgment during the whole incident. Gut shooting an already gravely injured bull before anyone bothered to contact the owner and then instigating an altercation with the rancher whom they had just called to take care of the bull, resulted in the needless death of this man. To make matters worse, both officers refused to render any type of aid to the dying man and would not let anyone else do so. His wife was treated like a criminal and handcuffed, resulting in an almost fatal heart attack that she is still recovering from. We learned that an “officer safety alert” issued for unstable behavior and a previous excessive-force incident that resulted in a settlement for the victim and dismissal for officer Brian Wood from the McCall police force had occurred. Extreme disregard for human life and animal suffering is not the type of behavior I want to see in our police force. Something needs to be done here.

Shannon Jones, Nampa