Letters to the Editor

Mayer letter: Police state

Idaho — the Police State. This should be the new state moniker. Gov. Butch Otter should fire Lawrence Wasden and appoint a special prosecutor to hold the executioners of Jack Yantis accountable. Apparently, only police lives (any color, gender, anywhere, anytime, any situation) matter, regardless of their lawlessness. Most cops aren’t sworn officers of the law; are inadequately trained; have low self-esteem (while narcissistic); are ignorant of the law; and arrogantly suppose their badge, uniform and gun affords them automatic respect/more rights than the citizen. “Boston T. Party,” a.k.a. Kenneth W. Royce, in “You And The Police” says to respectfully, knowledgeably and calmly assert one’s rights every time a cop is encountered — or lose them. Nationwide on every level only a third are “good cops” (and half of them are ignorant), another third are “intimidating cops, and the rest are “rogue” (most of these are federal). “When Tyranny Becomes Law — Rebellion Becomes Duty.” Write, call, protest, demonstrate/march, and/or join United States Concealed Carry Alliance, NRA, Idaho 2ND Amendment Alliance, 3 Percenters, etc. to expand your voice. If comfortable with it, always carry, open and concealed, now legal without a “permit.”

Bob Mayer, Boise