Letters to the Editor

Hitesman letter: Yantis shooting

Before I have my say, I want you readers to know that I personally know several good people in law enforcement. That being said, they don’t have to have a reason to shoot but have the right to shoot you because they can and are wearing a law enforcement uniform. I will never, ever call for help from a cop. And I pray and hope to God I never get pulled over. They shot Mr. Yantis 12 times; 12! Sounds like these officers need to go to the firing range and do some practice; and how to lie and get away it. Oh wait, they have already accomplished that, they got away with it already. My condolences to the Yantis family and I hope they sue for hundreds of millions of dollars and make the city of Council and the county go bankrupt. Everyone that is the chain of command of these two officers, from the police chief, mayor and City Council, resign and sued.

Chris Hitesman, Meridian