Letters to the Editor

Lea letter: Chip seal season

We are in the middle of another round of ACHD’s awful process of covering our roads with chip seal. Contrary to the propaganda from ACHD, there are not many cities that cover all their central core streets with gravel and oil. Chip seal may be a good process for rural and farm roads but it is not appropriate for the high traffic of urban areas.

This maintenance process, as done by ACHD, is very unpleasant. They leave lose gravel on the road for days and sometimes weeks, with the unprofessional idea of letting our citizens’ cars do the rolling process. Chips flying, massive dust — if there are paint and glass chips on our cars, well tough luck.

And the end result is a coarse, noisy street that is hard on every type of tire and unpleasant for anyone on a bicycle.

It is another reason we should consider forming a new street maintenance organization that understands the needs of the urban environment. We are not out in the farm land. Many citizens here want good, quality streets, not cheap streets.

It is time to get rid of chip seal.

William Lea, Boise