Letters to the Editor

Tikker letter: Hillary Clinton

Lately liberals have been making excuses for Hillary Clinton. Destroyed emails, lied about classified emails. Lied to the families of the Benghazi victims — that takes one morally bankrupt person.

She created that catastrophe by ignoring pleas from Lt. Col. Andrew Woods, then to make matters worse she got rid of the American soldiers, then replaces them with a Muslim group (Libyan Brigade) and the Blue Mountain Group whose weapons were flashlights and batons. Not one shot fired to defend our people.

The Clintons’ co-opting of the FBI goes back to Bill’s term. Nine hundred files on Republicans and others. When you lie, that’s intentional — Comey caved.

Twenty years ago I bought a tape on the Vince Foster death. It’s called “Vince Foster: What Really Happened.” It was put out by Citizens for Honest Government. Every one of the investigators called it a homicide. Clinton’s Watergate attorney Robert Fiske was put in charge and did an absolutely pathetic job for justice.

Al Tikker, Meridian