Letters to the Editor

Larsen letter: Political behavior

What has happened to our country when an official representative of a political campaign can publicly call for a presidential candidate to be lined up, shot and killed. Regardless of who we support or oppose in the upcoming election, have we as people so badly abandoned our honor and moral values that such egregious and dangerous behavior is acceptable?

Even worse, the campaign team to which that reprehensible individual belongs simply noted that their candidate did not agree with the statement but did not denounce his comments or remove him from their midst.

It is bad enough that both candidates and their campaigns seem to be able to focus only on vilifying each other in the worst possible pejorative terms rather than providing us substantive information on their plans for our country.

Instead, we are left to contemplate who is the least worst danger to our nation; which ethnic or religious group we should hate most; whose life matters most; or whether or not a person running for public office should be lined up and shot. And we give them a free pass.

We could blame them, but we then allow it. When did we abandon our own dignity?

Orval Larsen, Meridian