Letters to the Editor

Wahlin letter: Foothills airstrip

I would like the Ada County Commissioners to think long-term in its deliberations of a Conditional Use Permit for the Hilde Foothills Airstrip on Table Rock Mountain. The City of Boise et al have made a major investment in its Ridge to Rivers Partnership’s Quality of Life Project in the area and continues to do so through the frugal use of tax dollars. Boise consistently rates as one of the “Best Places to Live” by national publications and that is due in part to its exceptional quality of life. The Boise Foothills are consistently a major factor in its Quality of Life Rating in surveys taken by the national media, and the quasi commercialization of an airstrip will have an impact on the area.

The area is also a major corridor for wildlife that reside within the Boise Foothills, and their sighting is sought by all who use the general area. The airstrip could have an impact on wildlife as suggested by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in its evaluation of the proposed airstrip.

I am grateful for the tremendous job that the Ada County Commissioners perform for our community. The burden of responsibility is great.

Drew Wahlin, Meridian