Letters to the Editor

Taylor letter: Thank you

On June 29, our beautiful hills surrounding Warm Springs Mesa and Harris Ranch subdivisions were devastated by fire caused by irresponsible people using fireworks. Hundreds of homes were threatened and 2,500 acres were destroyed.

By the grace of God, along with firefighters, BLM, Forest Service, police, sheriff personnel, helicopters and airplanes with experienced pilots, volunteers and homeowners, no lives were lost. One home burned to the ground; however, the family and pets were able to escape.

Who are these idiots using fireworks? What should their punishment be? They should be hunted down and forced to pay the entire cost for these horrific damages, plus hundreds of hours of community service.

There are not enough “thank yous” and praise to everyone involved who saved our homes. I never again want to hear negative remarks about our firefighters, police officers or any of our community helpers who serve us, the public, with such sincere dedication.

Shirley Taylor, Boise