Letters to the Editor

Hewitt letter: Paul Tillotson

To the family of Paul Tillotson, I want to express my sincere thanks for knowing your brother, your son, your uncle, your husband.

My name is Jim Hewitt. My sister and brother-in-law were Janie and Gene Harris. I’ve watched Paul evolve from a raw, talented jazz teenager to a wonderfully gifted jazz pianist known the world over. What impressed me the most about Paul was how he treated his fellow men and women. I am proud to be his friend. I definitely understand the hollow feelings you have inside, because that was how it was when we lost Gene, then Janie a few years later. Always know that Paul is looking after us. He cared that much about everyone.

I wish I could bring him back but he is on the “other side” now protecting all of us. A couple of weeks after Gene Harris’ memorial, Janie told me that Gene’s inspiration is alive and well inside Paul Tillotson. May God ease your pain and give you hope and happiness. Peace and love.

Jim Hewitt, Boise