Letters to the Editor

Nolan letter: Garden City PD

Garden City Police could care less about the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold, and also are in bad need of just simply being trained on their job. I was pulled over recently in Garden City, doing 36 in a 25 mph zone. When the policeman came up to my door he immediately asked why I was so nervous. I replied, “nothing good comes from being pulled over.” So ... since he feels I’m nervous, he felt I was hiding something. Out of thin air he says he smells grass and has me step out of the vehicle. So now he makes up his own probable cause out of thin air. Unbelievable. They brought in dogs and searched the inside of my vehicle, also had scratches on outside of vehicle from dogs.

I am also a first responder for a living, and watched the police tromp on the Constitution just to get what they wanted, hiding behind their badge. I also have a concealed weapons permit and wasn’t even searched for a gun. These police are a train wreck and no, they never found anything. Hmm, I wonder if that concealed weapon was on me.

Matt Nolan, Nampa