Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: Government benefits

Let’s let the government take care of us.

Next year, seniors will get an average “cost of living” increase of $2.50/month. Rah. Anybody’s cost of living increased by $2.50/month? We all know there was no Social InSecurity increase this year.

Oh, but the “increase” will be more than wiped out for people who have Medi“care.” The premium is going up. (Source: Channel 7 News June 22)

At least I don’t have Medi“care.” Yeah, I’m throwing away all that money the government confiscated out of my paychecks all those years. But they’re not getting the $105/month, soon to be even more confiscated out of my Social inSecurity check.

Why do we put up with this? Why?

Sheila Ford, Caldwell