Letters to the Editor

Griffel letter: Hybrid vehicle tax

Having just received our 2016 registration renewal bill for my wife’s 2012 Toyota Prius, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our governor and Legislature for their progressive thinking and long range foresight.

Because my wife chooses to drive a Toyota hybrid vehicle, Idaho has seen fit to penalize her with an additional $75 a year tax, (50 percent of her renewal fees). Because she chooses to conserve energy, decrease her carbon footprint, protect the environment and save money, she is punished.

What a pathetic lot these individuals are who claim to represent the citizens of this state. Can’t Idaho do any better? Apparently not. I encourage everyone who drives a hybrid vehicle and is subject to this inequitable treatment to speak out, and let these short-sighted, misinformed individuals know how you view their representation of your values and ideals.

I would also encourage the automobile dealerships across the state to take a stand against this treatment of their customers. If our state legislators can’t figure out some other equitable means by which to pay its way then perhaps it is time for the people to find and elect more progressive, better informed, and more intelligent representatives and senators.

Dave Griffel, Idaho Falls