Letters to the Editor

Fitzgerald letter: HR 343

People are waking up to the realities of forced organ-harvesting in China.

With the passage of House Resolution 343 on June 13, the House of Representatives denounced the widespread and systematic murder of Falun Gong practitioners for their organs under the Chinese Communist Party. This is the deepest our federal government has ventured in acknowledging the horrors locked inside Chinese prisons and hospitals.

This resolution is significant. It promotes responsibility in the world of medical/transplant tourism (of which many Americans partake), encourages responsibility within the U.N. Human Rights Council (of which China is part), and upholds that long American citadel of righteousness before unimaginable evil and terror (lest we forget).

When the light casts upon the dark dens of the CCP’s organ trade, the world may well regret its tardy response. Yet Falun Gong — an ancient spiritual practice of truth, compassion, and tolerance — has withstood the horrible onslaught of persecution, things unbelievable.

And after 15,000 Idahoans penned their names, insisting our representatives co-sponsor HR 343, it worked.

Thank you, Rep. Mike Simpson, for abiding by your constituents and co-sponsoring HR 343. Thank you, fellow Idahoans, for seizing the second to speak up with your signatures. It worked.

Michael Fitzgerald, Boise