Letters to the Editor

Gusinow letter: Mandarin Chinese program

Dr. Ranells’ recent decision to cancel the Mandarin Chinese Immersion program at Gateway Elementary will be an incredible loss for West Ada School District families and the Treasure Valley. Her decision eliminates a unique opportunity for our children to master skills that will position them to succeed in a global workforce and to grow Idaho businesses in the global market.

The program has a full curriculum, proper textbooks and momentum; why would Dr. Ranells choose to scrap it now? The Chinese program began seven years ago, expanding academic opportunities for our youngest students.

When the District failed to support the growing program with appropriate resources, many parents jumped in, worked with the Gateway staff and the District, and the program grew stronger. The Chinese program is ready to flourish, now that the basic foundation has been built, there is community support, and extra funding options exist.

Dr. Ranells claims that the program is not sustainable based on student numbers for the past three years, but she ignores all the work done by teachers, parents and the principal in the past two years. The program is sustainable. If Dr. Ranells would look forward, the Treasure Valley would benefit from a flourishing Chinese program.

Lauren Gusinow, Boise