Letters to the Editor

Tener letter: Climate change

The last few weeks of opinion articles on “climate change” are perfect examples of bloviating about who knows whatever when determining humanity’s effect on climate. Newsflash, climate is continually changing. It’s the natural order.

For living organisms, including the earth, change is good. Also, carbon dioxide, a minor atmospheric component, is a critical element for all manner of life. Without it, carbon-based lifeforms die. Humans contribute a very small percentage of the total CO2 in earth’s environment. Finally, “mean” global temperature for the last 20 years has been flat or slightly declining, and we have had much higher and lower temperatures at these CO2 levels in earth’s history.

Now the “Twitterish” diatribes about the significance of climate change is fueled solely by the desires of political and business powers (mostly political) who fund those scientists presenting their findings. If you’ve ever done “scientific” research, you know that those who pay for it are usually looking for specific outcomes. This creates a natural bias in such findings. Not satisfying the funder loses funding — the carrot and stick.

We have a long way to go in understanding our climate change, and what actions are good and bad for mother earth.

Ric Tener, Eagle