Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada board

Regarding the West Ada school board trustees.

I agree with the recent letter from Hal Bunderson, and strongly disagree with Michele F. Swan. The two new trustees may need this reminder: They won their elections by much less than 10 percent of registered voters in their respective zones. We are talking only several hundred votes received, not thousands. That seems to me to be much less than an overwhelming endorsement of their strategies. Rather than tear down what they say is negative “stuff” happening in the district, I would ask the four board members to spend their time looking at all the positive accomplishments of Superintendent Linda Clark, all teachers and staff made during some extremely difficult economic times. I think they should spend some energy getting our Legislature to fully fund (or at least more closely fully fund) education in our state. My perception is that the four board members are going for radical changes, which in the long run will be detrimental to students in the district. I also believe that none of the four care what voters and taxpayers want; they have their own agendas. Sad for us all.

Cathy Dahlquist, Meridian