Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada

Certain trustees on the West Ada school board have demonstrated that they have no interest in finding common ground. They are challenging the status quo without offering anything better.

They have disrupted the work of the previous board(s), which is not helpful to anybody. Now they are attacking compensation for the superintendent. All this jeopardizes the success of the Nov. 3 levy vote, which they claim to support.

Why does the superintendent have to defend herself after many years of public, positive leadership and successes? Her record is clean and she deserves the support of the board. The district spends one of the lowest amounts per student in the state, and under her leadership, has managed to do an excellent job in the education of students, including my kids and grandkids.

The state is now restoring educational funding. Yet certain trustees believe that cutting costs is the best way of “doing their job.” Examples are the removal of a needed testing administrative position and the attacks on compensation for the superintendent. Why are they trying to force her out?

Let’s move toward the cooperation and open-mindedness that is good for our district. Let’s recall those four.

Jean C. Stark, Boise