Letters to the Editor

Letter: Green Construction Code

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and the City Council are to be congratulated for unanimously adopting the Green Construction Code last month as a standard for all city-owned building projects, and as a voluntary standard for other developers. Boise city government is leading by example and the new voluntary code will foster more sustainable development practices in Boise.

The International Green Construction Code, on which Boise’s Green Construction Code is based, is the first model code to include sustainability measures for the entire construction project and its site — from design through construction, certificate of occupancy and beyond. The code is equivalent to buildings LEED certified at a Silver or higher rating, or a rating of two (2) Green Globes or higher. The new code is expected to make buildings more energy efficient, reduce waste and have a positive impact on health, safety and our community.

Boise’s Green Construction Code addresses commercial and high-rise residential projects. Low-rise residential buildings including single family homes must comply with the Idaho Energy Code, which is based on out-of-date, 2009 energy efficiency standards. I strongly encourage the City Council to adopt up-to-date, cost effective, mandatory energy standards beyond state requirements for low-rise residential construction.

Steve Benner, Boise