Letters to the Editor

Letter: ACHD

Thank you, ACHD, for the rock chips in my classic car’s windshield. The only company I know of that can put stuff on the road that can damage cars/trucks, body, paint and glass. and not have consequences, just leaving it for the public to pay for the repairs (a money maker for body and glass shops?). Years ago they used to have a piece of equipment that had like 12 tires on it. They would run this over the gravel when they put it down (several times) so the gravel would not get kicked around by the cars and trucks to cause such damage. Whatever happened to that piece of equipment? Why are they allowed to not complete the job and just leave it to the public to finish the job? Do you know how hard it is to find your lane (especially at night or when the sun is in your eyes) when it is just gravel and a few tabs sticking up here and there? I think they really need a readjustment in leaders. I see a lot of money wasting with no one seeming to care. They just flimflam us.

Tim Tanton, Boise