Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bergdahl and Trump

To the editor who wrote the editorial about Bowe Bergdahl; first of all I find it hard to believe that all the editors at this newspaper agree completely with the editor who wrote this. Surely someone who works for this newspaper must have some common sense.

Bergdahl deserted and no other explanation works. He piled his belongings and his rifle on his bunk, and as you say, “he then walked away from his post.” This is desertion.

He had learned their language and became familiar with their ways of doing things. He grew a beard and dressed like them. He thought they would accept him as a hero if he deserted, but they captured him as a prisoner of war and imprisoned him.

I submit that you used Bergdahl to attack Donald Trump and your editorial was simply written to badmouth Mr. Trump. Mr. Bergdahl is innocent until proven guilty and under the First Amendment Mr. Trump has every right to state his opinion and his feelings about Bergdahl.

Larry Sanders, Nampa