Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ashley Madison accounts

I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for all those “victims” of the Ashley Madison website that got hacked, with all their transaction info being exposed. This was a website with the sole purpose of facilitating extramarital affairs by cheating spouses. And now some of them have the gall to file lawsuits against the hackers for violating their privacy. A few cowards even committed suicide instead of facing up to their shameful behavior and dealing with the aftermath.

I’m sorry, folks, but if you engage in immoral behavior such as violating that most sacred of vows — to remain faithful to your marriage partner — I have zero sympathy for your plight. Too bad you trusted the wrong outfit to safeguard your privacy and got caught.

These hackers may have broken the law in exposing all of those customers’ “confidential” information, but the greater evil committed here was the betrayal of lifelong marriage partners in such a despicable fashion. Especially hypocrites like Josh Duggar of TLC’s now canceled reality show “19 Kids and Counting,” who cheated on his wife repeatedly through that website, yet still thinks he’s some sort of upstanding Christian role model, exemplar of family values. Give me a break.

Nick Anderson, Boise