Letters to the Editor

Letter: Immigrants

Anchor baby citizenship is one of many myths perpetuated by the people who want to change the U.S. Constitution by using many layers of soft lies. It is a result of an unarmed invasion of our nation, plus revisionist history being spoon-fed new teachers, who have passed the false revisions along to students since World War II. People who invade our country have no protection or privileges of U.S. citizenship. Read the words of the preamble to our Constitution; “We the people of the United States,” and “and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity ....” Not the posterity of other nations of the world who cannot, or will not, get their act together, or even fight to save their country. Instead they want to invade us with the same “colorful,” decadent culture that fostered their own country of origin decline. When they can’t do a direct ground-based invasion, our societies organizations are used to facilitate the invasions on another front, with the financial help of the American citizen taxpayers. If the fruits of other federal illegal acts, such as bank robbers and drug dealers, can benefit their children, shouldn’t they get amnesty?

David L. Smith, Boise