Letters to the Editor

Letter: Donald Trump

Republican party leaders were obviously caught off guard when one of their own presidential candidates outed their party and our entire political system as hopelessly inept, broken and corrupt. As the first candidate in history to level with the public about how he and other billionaires make campaign contributions to both political parties to get special favors, he has earned surprising support from a public fed up with career politicians.

In the final analysis, Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee. Neither party would ever nominate a presidential candidate with that much candor. The broken system has worked very well for them for decades so we’ll get the usual promises and sound bites at election time. The media is not guiltless in helping both parties perpetuate the fraud. Their vision of journalism is a “breaking news” report of some laughable new daily poll.

Our political system dropped to a new low when 100 percent of House Republicans and a handful of Democrats demonstrated greater allegiance to the State of Israel than the country they swore to serve. They would apparently be thrilled if fellow war hawk Netanyahu could replace President Obama as our commander in chief.

Alston Jones, Garden City