Letters to the Editor

Letter: Maureen O’Hara

Anyone notice in the paper that Monday, Aug. 17, was Maureen O’Hara’s birthday — she is 95 years old. Do you know she is living here in Boise, in our town? Yes, right here.

Now, let us not forget John Wayne. She has done a lot of great movies with him. And remember when he died June 11, 1979, they had a huge parade for him.

Well, I hope that while she is still alive, that we can respect her privacy, if that is what she wishes, because I’m not sure really who might know where she lives. But I only hope something is in the works for her. We have a true hero of a woman living right here in Boise. And she needs to be recognized for her acting, as John Wayne was.

Patti Pryor, Boise