Letters to the Editor

Letter: The homeless

All across America, we see the heart-wrenching sights of humans living in rags on the streets and sleeping in cardboard boxes. Lawmakers are trying to ban “camping out” in public (Obamavilles), and ordering police to clear the fields.

Outrageously, the Obama administration is siding with vagrants against local government. Obama’s DOJ is trying to block a Boise ban on sleeping in public. On Aug. 6, DOJ intervened to stop Boise from this ban. DOJ claims there are not enough beds, the city insists there are.

But lawyers are fighting back, claiming “sleeping rough” be legal. Even if we have an involuntary mental health alternative, many will reject.

Homeless advocate Carol Sobel warns that cities “figure out a way to respond to the cause of homelessness and not punish them for their status.”

This, America, is the wacky ideology cities will be battling in lawsuit after lawsuit — that living on the street is acceptable and deserves legal protection. Not to mention increase funding for homelessness services. We’re already maxed out, feds.

By the way, President Obama, get your feet down off the tables. The White House belongs to us.

Rhonda O’Hanley, Mountain Home