Letters to the Editor

Letter: Iran nuclear deal

Former Secretary of Defense Brown is living back in the Jimmy Carter era where that administration and their sheepish attitude were responsible for leaving 60 American citizens in the hands of the Iranians for 444 days. It is the sheepish attitude of the Obama administration that has led us to this juncture of having to make a very unfavorable deal with the Iranians. He wasn’t even able to get the release of four American hostages. If America is to be a leader in the free world, then we cannot cower every time a foreign government starts screaming foul. We need to say no to this agreement, increase sanctions and warn that if they continue to advance toward a nuclear weapon there will be dire consequences to be paid. This treaty is a farce and a terrible deal for America and the free world. There is no true surveillance or assurances that the Iranians will not cheat, as we know they will. These people want to kill Americans and destroy Israel. Think about what the world would be like without a strong America. There’s a time to be nice and a time not to be nice.

Bob Neugebauer, Meridian