Letters to the Editor

Letter: California government

What is balance? Regarding Idaho government letter of Linda Simmons, July 28.

We believe Idaho has a great balance of government, conservative, honest and ethical. Compare with California with a Democrat governor and Legislature. Three Democratic senators indicted and kicked out of Legislature in the last two years, a $465 billion state deficit, highest sales tax in nation, fourth highest gas tax plus cap and trade tax on gas also, attempting to build a $69 billion bullet train to nowhere in central California, in top five states income tax, excessive state regulations with businesses relocating to Idaho, Arizona and Texas. Although California currently has budget surplus they have a bill to increase gas tax by 12 more cents a gallon, vehicle license fee 50 percent and cost to register vehicle 80 percent. There is also the unfunded government pension fund which has a $500 billion deficit and three cities that have filed bankruptcy in the last two years. The Democratic legislators in California don’t give a hoot about taxpayers and misrepresent them at almost every chance. Forty-seven percent of voters in California either work for or are paid by the government, voting for liberals.

California is not the Golden State now but the Rusted State.

Frank McCully, Nampa