Letters to the Editor

Letter: Highlands Cove Development

I sat through two ACHD meetings regarding the proposed Cove development in the central Highlands. ACHD will allow the developer to build a road from Chardie to the Crane Creek Golf Course level, extend Braemere to Highland View, and reroute a section of Sunset Road to accommodate additional home sites. ACHD Public Information Officer, Craig Quintana, estimated 60 home sites would add 600 vehicle trips per day. The commissioners, with the strong objection of Commissioner Woods, subsequently voted in favor of the development due to the possibility of exposure to litigation. The ACHD President, Jim Hanson, voiced his opinion that ACHD “must work with the box of the law” and urged everyone to take their concerns to the City of Boise’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Apparently, ACHD can approve the developers desired road structure without any direct concern or ability to consider the impact on downhill neighborhoods. You might wonder who’s paying the property taxes to support ACHD.

John Kerr, Boise