Letters to the Editor

Letter: Education

See what I found in this book written long ago. It’s about what schools were like when I was in grade school in the ’30s: schools with grades, with discipline, prayer, pledges of allegiance, Christmas, Easter, patriotism, morals, standards of speech and standards of dress.

The book was written in 1970, “The Naked Capitalist” by Cleon Skousen. In his description of the education system of his day, on page 72, this is what he says: “Parents know there is a way to develop the vast majority of human beings into mature, responsible adults .... For many years both parents and teachers have sensed that strong, heavily financed left-wing influences have been doing their best to foster a climate of hedonistic nihilism among the schools. ... If these people had their way, we would develop a prospective nightmare in our schools — schools without grades, without discipline, without prayers, without pledges of allegiance, without Christmas, without Easter, without patriotism, without morals, without standards of speech or standards of dress.”

Skousen ends the passage, “ Surely the nation deserves something better than this for the billions it is spending.”

I couldn’t resist passing this on.

Katherine Frazier, Boise