Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fires and climate change

The destruction of the ongoing western fires is heartbreaking. So are the reports of massive die-offs of returning salmon due to warm water temperatures. Record high temperatures, drought, and low snow pack in the West are hitting home. Currently atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and methane are much higher than they were in pre-industrial times. Contrary to what some politicians are saying, climate scientists know these gases insulate and warm the planet and the effects we are seeing will grow worse without rapidly changing course. Over 97 percent of 12,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles support human-caused global warming.

I believe that most people do care, but may feel powerless to deal with such an overwhelming problem. We have to go to work, fuel our vehicles, and use our furnaces and air-conditioners. Please listen to those who are offering solutions instead of those who tell you there is no problem or one we can’t afford to solve.

A gradually rising fee on greenhouse gases will stimulate industry to accelerate the development of the renewable fuels we need. When that fee is refunded to households, it protects people from rising energy costs and stimulates the economy. Let’s get started now for a better future.

Nancy Basinger, Boise