Letters to the Editor

Letter: INL neglect

It is wrongly said that we deserve the government we get. Idahoans don’t deserve the never-ending parade of state officials who for 60 years have failed to master Idaho National Laboratory problems and opportunities. The voice of Idaho once roared through the Senate and thundered through the House. Our governor and congressmen now build careers voicing their support for the INL but never exalting it to the world-class status it deserves. Mayor Casper’s recent “Guest Opinion” nicely summarizes the importance of the INL to America’s energy program. She and the LINE Commission are championing a cause our elected officials ignore.

Several years ago Gov. Butch Otter established the LINE Commission to advise him on INL issues. The recent mess shows he clearly ignores them. Even the Statesman could have had this “breaking” story a month ago by just reporting the LINE meetings.

Clearly Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is out of the loop. The governor should invite our congressmen over and figure out how to fix this. The governor has dropped so many balls some wonder if he has anything left to contribute. Nobody is perfect but this mess is ridiculous. Idahoans deserve better.

Paul Blacker, Meridian