Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gun saved my life

Carol Bachelder’s recent letter was shortsighted.

Carol says nobody ought to own a gun. My friend was too nice to have a gun. Her home invader murdered her in 1990. I still miss her.

In 2005, when my home invader came in, he was 24, high on meth and running from police. I was 66 and I look like Granny Clampett. I was no match for him until I grabbed my pistol. He found out I was not nice at all. I ended up with 17 cops in my yard, but when seconds counted, they were two blocks away and running farther away every minute. I was on my own — with a pistol. I did not need to scream. Did I mention — I had a pistol. I was very thankful for all those nice police officers and ambulance drivers who hauled him out of here, but I saved my own life — because I had a pistol.

Eileen Barayasarra, Nampa