Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada

We finally have a school board that is interested in cutting costs and all I have been hearing about in the Statesman is bad, bad, bad. We have a huge disparity in the funding of schools with some “rich” schools getting tons of technology like iPads and new computers. Then you have the schools near me that the teachers don’t even have a desk. They have a card table for a desk. That’s pathetic, really. Now, with the election you have some trustees like Russell Joki, Julie Madsen and Carol Sayles that voted to reject Linda Clark’s proposal to add another $100k administrator and they get immense pressure to go with the flow. On the other hand, trustees Mike Vuitonnett and Tina Dean wanted to continue to tax us and spend money like it’s water and then want a vast levy to pass? I don’t think so. Clark and the two board members who want to spend more on administration need to try living on hourly wages or think about adding teachers, yes more teachers, instead of adding administrators.

Julian Dylan Jenkins, Meridian