Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada

I attended the Aug. 11 West Ada school board meeting and left disgusted. The district is spending money on a survey consultant who admitted, after being questioned by Trustee Julie Madsen, that the survey is not worth the money, let alone the time spent by district administrators who pore over it, looking for something good to say about Linda Clark.

The costly survey was sent to all district employees. Only 30 percent of them participated. Why? Well, for one thing, the survey was not confidential. Any employee who would dare criticize Clark knows an unemployment check would be in the mail. Trustee Mike Vuitonnett had to fess up, saying it was the previous school board’s decision to make the survey nonconfidential. Way to go, Mike. Keep the spy glasses on the hardworking teachers and custodians.

In the meantime, Clark says she can’t find money to add teachers. Gee, I think it’s pretty obvious where you can find some money. Stop spending it on worthless surveys and use it to hire another teacher.

Sarah Holt, Meridian