Letters to the Editor

Letter: INL

I believe it is an absolute travesty that the attorney general is holding the Idaho National Laboratory hostage over the Department of Energy missing cleanup milestones and costing Idaho millions in revenue and jobs. The Department of Energy has spent billions cleaning up the Idaho National Laboratory and has made major progress protecting the environment and the aquifer. The research that the DOE and INL want to do on commercial spent nuclear fuel is vital to our nation and to the commercial nuclear power industry. The benefits of this research have significant implications for the recovery of uranium, improved safety of the remaining used fuel, and reduced overall waste. Isn’t it time that the state of Idaho move in a positive direction and support the receipt of the commercial spent nuclear fuel, bringing in millions in research funding and maintaining the jobs that go with those funds. I challenge the attorney general to come up with one good reason why the receipt of this spent nuclear fuel should not be approved. The only reason I can see is political aspirations. There is zero threat to the aquifer from this research. Zero. Hoping.

Wayne Peter Hohs, Idaho Falls