Letters to the Editor

Letter: Speeding

Why post a speed limit? Most people are driving at whatever speed they choose to anyway and there is little to no enforcement, especially in construction zones, where allegedly an “increased fine for work zone speed violations” only has significance if somebody is caught. Idaho State Police have commented on the increased number of fatal traffic accidents this year. That news is no surprise to me at all looking at how people are driving. I see it every day — speeding, following too closely, running red lights and stop signs, improper yielding, distracted driving, etc. I doubt many of these people would be driving so carelessly if a police vehicle was visible, because they probably know what they’re doing is wrong, but it’s OK because they’re not getting caught doing it. So until people start driving responsibly, people are going to keep getting killed. Maybe next will be you? Slow down and drive like you were taught to in school.

Mike Sleger, Boise