Letters to the Editor

Letter: Motorcycle helmets

Motorists cannot text and drive. New cars have adaptive cruise control, proximity warnings, advance crash detection, and even a warning to stop and get coffee if the car thinks the driver is starting to go to sleep. Even bicyclists have safety laws and means of protection to keep them safe on the road.

However, it seems motorcyclists get free run of the road without any laws to protect some more. There should be a mandatory helmet law, and not just a helmet, but a requirement to have the safest ones on the market, a requirement for gloves and/or protective clothing, signal lights that an automobile driver can actually see, and a requirement for bikers to stay in the lane they are in as well as obey the traffic laws car drivers have to obey.

ISP stated on the news recently that most motorcycle crashes are fatal, a day before a motorcyclist crashed on I-184 and fell to his death in the skateboard part below. Motorcycle drivers should have the same level of laws and means of protection to keep all kinds of drivers on the road as safe as possible.

Jay D. Sanderson, Boise