Letters to the Editor

Letter: Mississippi flag

There has been a lot of controversy over the Confederate battle flag, said to be racist or show hatred. Nobody has said anything before the shooting in South Carolina. The shooter had one in his hand, so Idaho took the Mississippi flag down. The shooter also had a Gold’s Gym shirt. Do we kick all the Gold’s Gyms out of Idaho? Now we are going to bully the state of Mississippi into changing their state flag. In 2001, Mississippi put it to a vote to the citizens of the state. The referendum was defeated by 64 percent, the flag was retained. Idaho believes in states’ rights. What about Mississippi’s?

Idaho is too great to hate? What about the mural of a Native American being lynched?

You think a flag is racist, but not a lynching of a Native American? Maybe Idaho should get its priorities straight.

So Mayor Dave Bieter, what will it be, the Mississippi flag up and and stand up to bullying and say Idaho will stand behind you and your state because you did make a discussion, or the mural comes down and we forget all about history?

Steve Kendrix, Boise