Letters to the Editor

Letter: Politics

While the public remains fascinated with Mr. Trump and the GOP, another more important drama is playing out. The Department of Justice/FBI are investigating Hillary Clinton’s email account while secretary of state. Rightly or wrongly, in recent years the executive branch has used this aspect of government for political means. See for example President Bush and Karl Rove, a.k.a. “The Architect,” going after Democratic-affiliated U.S. attorneys and others in the South. President Obama could easily lean on the investigation to “go away” or stall out. We don’t know how it will play out. Yet basically one of two things must occur: a determination of no criminal violations or a recommendation to indict. At this point I cannot guess which way the cards will flop. I do feel confident in saying that an indictment would certainly not play well for her presidential ambitions. Ultimately, then, given current poll results, the eventual recommendation of this investigation could easily end up determining our next president more so than any other single event.

Lawrence G. Sirhall Jr., Boise