Letters to the Editor

Letter: Iran deal

Please do not support the Iran nuke deal.

The deal, although a well-intentioned effort, is not one that can prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Clauses within the deal allow for Iran to publicly suspend uranium enrichment, while secretly continuing to do so. Any international regulatory agency will have no way to detect or dismantle any illicit operation within Iran’s military compounds or secret sites. All the while, unfrozen assets now available to Tehran can be used to fund their military as well as terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Given their track record, it seems unlikely all of these funds will go into infrastructure and health care. Having a nuclear weapon may in fact be in Iran’s best interest. If the Islamic republic wishes to keep its current form of anti-Semitic theological/political government, the best way to do so is to eliminate the possibility of any western military intervention. Iran’s want for a nuclear arsenal has less to do with the destruction of Israel and more to do with the security a nuclear weapon would bring to their country. Iran will eventually gain nuclear arms with or without this deal; let us not pay them billions in the process.

Jeremiah Roach, Boise